Small Steps = Giant Leaps

If we all do our bit, and this starts on the home front, in a minimal way we will soon find that our individual efforts add up to big benefits for us all.

Over the coming months I will go into lots of ways to improve our individual impact on our local environment. Believe it our not these benefits can also have dramatic positive impacts on our finances too.

As a starter areas to consider are:

Always do your utmost to recycle – many local councils now have schemes so support them

If something is working or just needs a bit of attention, but is no longer of use to you, think about others who may want it before you throw it away. It never ceases to amaze me how many perfectly usable bicycles, items of furniture, garden machinery etc end up in skips at the recycling centre

Consider how you use water – it will save you money

Consider how you use electricity – it will save you money

Consider how you use your car – it will save you money

Consider how long and how high your heating is on for – it will save you money

It may sound as though I have already jumped onto my soapbox, but I do not mean to. What I am trying to say is change will be gradual but if we start to look, not necessarily all at once, at how we live we can improve our impact in small increments.

Much of what I say, may well be perceived as ‘obvious’ by many of you but if we all look again at our activities there is undoubtedly room for improvement from everyone. And, whilst the environmental goal is our focus here, it often makes financial sense too!

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