Tick Tock Tick Tock

It’s 2020 and the evidence is compelling, so after much deliberation I have decided to start a Blog. Having spent 20 years in the environmental and renewable energy business I feel it is time to share my experience with the big wide world and to see if anyone else out there shares my feelings. In light of COVID 19 the fragility and delicate nature of man’s relationship with our world has brought the issue into starker contrast than ever before – the time is now!

I have seen much legislation come and go in areas including recycling, energy and low carbon and it is very clear to me that whilst well intended these rules are not achieving the results necessary to reverse the damage being inflicted on the amazing planet that we call home.

“If we do not find a solution to this problem soon we may well find ourselves at a point where the damage cannot be repaired!” Now before you doubters start to question this statement I ask each and every one of you “is it really worth the taking the risk?”. Besides, the majority of ideas I will offer make good financial, and environmental, sense whether you believe in global warming or not.


We are using the world’s resources in an unsustainable way

Future generations of all of our families will have to live with the consequences


It is actually relatively simple believe it or not! Every man, woman and child needs to start to think about their individual impact on the planet and start to pay more attention to their individual actions. If we all take small steps in our individual lifestyles the combined result can be enormous.


Think more about what you buy, where you buy from and how you dispose of any waste items in a more sustainable way.

In this Blog I will try to inform and advise you on how to enhance your individual activities so that we all contribute towards a healthier planet for both ourselves and future generations.

As the Blog name suggests the “Climate Clock” is ticking so there is no better time than NOW to start to take action.

I look forward to your support on this challenging, yet rewarding journey!

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