Greener Travel

Travel around the world is something the majority of us love, and in some cases need to do for work.  It takes us to amazing cities and places where we can benefit from new experiences and immerse ourselves in diverse cultures and languages.  Whether it be for business or pleasure though there are issues we need to think about before we plan our next trip.

There is a cost associated with travel that we all need to consider – and I am referring to the climate impact here and not financial cost.

In my future Posts I will look more closely at ways to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ when you travel but as an initial start point here are some ideas to consider: 

Do I need to fly? Are alternative modes of transport available?

Look for airlines and hotels who promote low carbon and zero plastic initiatives

We love a bargain but ‘all inclusives’ are one of the least environmentally types of holiday you can go on – the waste in areas such as food production is enormous as all services have to be on tap 24/7

If you make multiple trips, try to stay longer but reduce the number flights as a result

When business is involved try to combine as many meetings as is feasible and where possible use remote conferencing facilities or local representatives

Travel will always be important to our lives for a multitude of reasons but as with all other environmental initiatives we can reduce the impact of each trip through relatively small steps.  The more of us who question the airlines and hotels about their ‘eco’ credentials the more they will implement climate friendly practices.  When individuals vote with their feet in large numbers you can guarantee the big corporations will respond!

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