COVID-19 and air pollution caused by travel

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on our lives - understatement of the year! Aside the tragedy of so many deaths though it has also brought into focus the fragility of man's relationship with our planet and reinforced the issue of climate change as one of our greatest challenges. COVID-19 has highlighted the impact we … Continue reading COVID-19 and air pollution caused by travel

The Plastic Bottle (part 2)

In my previous blog on the 'Big Picture' I talked about the typical life cycle of a plastic bottle. It is scary to think how such an outwardly harmless object can ultimately cause such a huge problem and sometimes even end up inside humans in minute amounts! The obvious solution is 're-usable' bottles and where … Continue reading The Plastic Bottle (part 2)

Every plastic bottle ends up somewhere

The 'Big Picture' is essentially the reverse of the 'Little Picture'. In as much as every positive thing we do is a small step towards giant leaps for mankind, every negative thing we do is a small step in the opposite direction. As an exmaple, think about the lifecycle of the plastic bottle. They are … Continue reading Every plastic bottle ends up somewhere

Tick Tock Tick Tock

It's 2020 and the evidence is compelling, so after much deliberation I have decided to start a Blog. Having spent 20 years in the environmental and renewable energy business I feel it is time to share my experience with the big wide world and to see if anyone else out there shares my feelings. In … Continue reading Tick Tock Tick Tock