The Climate Clock is ticking and the message is finally getting through, or is it?

Legislation to fight climate changes has existed for decades now but we are still failing to achieve our goals for a cleaner, safer planet. Companies and organisations are gradually improving their carbon footprints but something else needs to drive this move towards the climate revolution – US!

Every man, woman and child must do their bit no matter how small that might seem. If we all stop and think more about our individual actions the cumulative effect of all of these ‘small steps’ could be immense

In line with this small steps analogy, and to re-phrase (with apologies to Neil Armstrong):

‘Many Small Steps = one Giant Leap for Mankind’

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Twenty two years in the industry has taught me a lot about the environmental markets. Attitudes are improving and impetus is growing but there is undeniable evidence that it is not fast enough. Much of the environmental focus and legislation, until very recently, was on large corporations who were seen as the problem and in many ways that is true. However their existence is driven to a large extent by our demands for goods and services.

It is pointless to continue the blame game as everyone – individuals, corporations and governments, must all now do their bit.

As ‘individuals’ we must focus on using less power, creating less waste and thinking more about our own actions in order to reverse the climate crisis.

As ‘corporations’ you must focus on reducing your carbon footprint because your client base, the individuals, are becoming much more selective in their buying behaviours and ‘green’ is key!

As ‘governments’ you must lead with clear strategies that work! A typical five year plan, in line with your 5 year term, will not work – it must be robust and long-term.

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The ‘Small Steps’ referred to elsewhere are essentially those actions that we, as individuals, can all take on a daily basis – these generally start at home.

Many of these actions are relatively simple and not only help the environment but often save us money too!

Whether it be low energy lighting, reducing unnecessary travel or properly sorting our domestic waste these small contributions all accumulate to create massive savings – ‘Giant Leaps’.

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The ‘Small Steps’ that I have referred to have a cumulative effect and in time will result in ‘Giant Leaps’ for mankind

As individuals we can only take ‘Small Steps’ but imagine if we make our contribution and the corporations and governments take much ‘Bigger Steps’

Small Steps + Bigger Steps = Giant Leaps sooner!

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